Principles of Product Growth

How to grow fast and acquire users without spending on Sales and Marketing

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5 proven principles that tech startups use to achieve Product Led Growth 

1) Understand principles that help you build product features as the primary driver of customer acquisition, retention, and expansion. 

2) Learn examples of how these principles are used by fast-growth tech startups and how they scaled. 

3) We will focus on the first five principles and how some of these can be applicable in helping building Growth experiments. 

What we'll cover

As the world navigates the “new normal,” more and more startups are going remote. Want to stay ahead of the curve? Get the advice and shortcuts you need from founders who have run remote companies for years.

And our roundtable includes a live Q&A to answer all your other burning questions.

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You'll learn:

What to do from day one to slam the dreaded communication gap shut 

How to shave months off your startup's learning curve and avoid rookie mistakes

What you should plan before scaling your remote team

How to build a company culture that’s as solid as an in-person team 


Anand has built billion-dollar valued SaaS startups from scratch as head of Product. He has led Product growth teams on Facebook and Instagram. He has over 18 years of tech experience in Product, development, and growth areas building several successful tech startups under his belt. He is currently a mentor and advisor and an active angel investor. 

Hosted by Anand Arivukkarasu
Advisor & Investor, Ex-Facebook Product Growth Leader & helped build 2 Billion dollar startups

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You'll learn:

What we'll cover

Remote work has awesome benefits like schedule and location flexibility. 

But a 60 second commute to the office combined with 8+ hours sitting a day isn't so awesome for your health and fitness. And with the office only a few steps away, it's easier than ever to work overtime without meaning to. Not to mention your cat or dog isn’t the best at water cooler chat.

Working remotely can be an obstacle course of physical and mental wellness hurdles. But our remote work experts can teach you how to navigate the course like a pro.

They’ll show you the healthier, happier, and more connected route to remote work. 

So learn the right way to work remotely from panelists who have done it for years. Get your questions answered—sign up for the AMA now.

Work more movement into your day without spending extra time in the gym

Balance your work and home life when the office is at home

Banish remote work loneliness to stay connected wherever you are

Find out exactly how to:

The workshop will be scheduled for 60 minutes with the first 30 minutes featuring the host with the remaining 30 minutes of pure interaction with the audience. This is going to be very interactive.

Join us on Thursday, February 9th

This is a past workshop

Didn't make the live workshop? The replay of this workshop is available for your viewing pleasure.

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This is a past workshop

Didn't make the live workshop? The replay of this workshop is available for your viewing pleasure.

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Thursday, 9th February

10:00 AM PT

What is Product Growth Management

What is Growth Experimentation

How to build hypotheses and ideas for experimentation

5 Principles of Product Growth  

How to apply them with examples